I am Lauren Cook but also Lauren Koch*

I am an actress and a writer who dislikes cats and blue cheese. I stand by these positions even if they are unpopular.

I’ve worked on a lot of web series. FLOATERS, a series I starred in and wrote for, went to Sundance and I won an Emmy for having written it.

CHAOS THEORY is another good one. Watch it here.

Now I produce my own web shorts. Check them on the VIDEOS page.

I also do storytelling. Storytelling has nothing to do with children and I agree it needs a different name. I co-host and produce a storytelling show, Radio Picture Show, the second Wednesday of every month at The Virgil in LA. If you’re nearby, why not check it out? Here’s what that’s about.

You should follow me on twitter and maybe we can even be friends: @LChoochTrain (like a choo choo train.)

Thanks for visiting. My love for you is strong.

*(‘Koch’ is pronounced ‘Cook’. But people call me ‘Cock’ or ‘Cooch’ often. On a whim I went phonetic, professionally. But now… my grandfather…it’s complicated. Anyway, either. Either ‘Cook’ or ‘Koch,’ that is. Auditorily these are the same. Not ‘Cooch’ or ‘Cock.’ Thanks.) (Also gorgonzola is blue cheese.)